· February, 2006

Stories about Poland from February, 2006

Polish Blogosphere Update

27 February 2006

Upon news of the arrest of 17 pedophiles in Poland, part of a worldwide Internet child porn sting started in Spain, Peter Gentle of the beatroot ponders whether looking at such images is also a crime. Polish bloggers, while in agreement that looking at such images is perverse, are mixed...

Poland: “Looking for the Iranian Lech Welesa”

  22 February 2006

As the Bush administration intends to use Poland's Solidarity movement of the 1980s as a model for Iran's opposition, Beatroot examines Solidarity's history and explains why such a model may not work in Iran now.

Poland: Iranian Perspective on the Holocaust

  22 February 2006

Beatroot corrects Mohammad Taheri, Iran's ambassador to Portugal, who thinks it necessary to reconsider the Holocaust numbers and has been quoted saying this: “When I was ambassador to Poland I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau twice and I did my own calculations. To incinerate six million people you would need 15...

Band Cancels Polish Tour

  14 February 2006

The Beatroot writes that a Swedish “death metal” band has decided to cancel its Polish tour, fearing legal action. A precedent was set two years ago, when a Norwegian “black metal” band was charged with causing “religious offense” after a concert in Krakow.

10 February 2006

Gustav of the Warsaw Station reports on the meeting between Poland's president Kaczyński and George Bush, during which Bush, among other things, asked Kaczyński for “his advice on Ukraine.” Gustav also writes that president Kaczyński and some political analysts expect Poland's relationship with Russia to improve soon.

“The Polish version of those cartoons?”

8 February 2006

In 2003, part of an installation by a Polish artist had “a photograph of a fragment of a naked male body, including the genitalia” projected on a cross. The gallery that exhibited the artwork was forced to close down; the artist was tried and sentenced to six months of community...

Poland: Stabilization

2 February 2006

the beatroot reports on a stabilization pact signed by two minority parties with the Law and Justice government that mean new elections shouldn't be on the horizon.

Poland: Political Alliance

1 February 2006

the beatroot reports that the UK's Conservative Party intends to team up with the Polish Law and Justice Party in the EU parliament.

Poland: Katowice

1 February 2006

The Katowice roof collapse may have multiple causes says the beatroot.