· January, 2009

Stories about Poland from January, 2009

Poland: Maanam

  30 January 2009

the POLSKI blog writes about Maanam, a Polish band that, in the early 1980s, was “the epitome of cool, largely thanks to their unique sound and the distinctive voice and fiery personality of their lead singer, Kora.”

Poland: Racism, Bad Roads and Euro 2012

  28 January 2009

Writing about Euro 2012 and racism, the beatroot concludes: “There are some nasty little racists at Poland’s football stadia, but believe me, Poland’s roads are a lot bigger threat to the fabric of society – and international football tournaments – than those idiots.”

Poland: Back Home From the UK

  27 January 2009

the POLSKI blog writes that due to the crisis, many Poles are returning home from the UK – and others are encouraged to by a UK-based organization called “Poland Street.”

Poland: Obama, BBC and ‘CIA Prison’

  27 January 2009

The beatroot writes about a BBC reporter's failed attempt to find out whether Poles were “pleased with Obama” for his decision to shut down Guantanamo “and all rendition camps, one of which was in Poland.”

Poland: “No More Scapegoats”

  27 January 2009

The beatroot writes about what George W. Bush's departure might mean for Poland: “And now Bush has gone, who are they gonna blame for all the other stuff he wasn’t responsible for? Maybe one day we are going to miss Old George. No more scapegoats.”

Poland: A View on Entropa

  27 January 2009

The beatroot comments on Entropa: “I don’t know which is sadder: the state of some contemporary art, which has to delve into crude stereotypes to get its kicks; or politicians like a Giertych, or a Kaczynski who provided, on an enamelled plate, the crude stereotype of Poland in the first...

Europe: Entropa

  23 January 2009

Belatedly, links to some posts on Entropa: Margarete of The Foreigner's Guide to Living in Slovakia believes “it should be taken down”; Kosmopolito thinks that “the debate around the project is also part of the installation”; BBC's Mark Mardell writes that “the fact that it is a hoax does not...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Accounts by Wojciech Tochman and Peter Lippman

  18 January 2009

Kirk Johnson of Americans for Bosnia writes about the newly-published English translation of a collection of Polish-language articles by journalist Wojciech Tochman (“Like Eating a Stone: Surviving the Past in Bosnia”): “I can only highly recommend that anyone interested in the human stories behind official statistics on refugee returns and...

Estonia, Poland, Ukraine: The Holocaust

  17 January 2009

A Step At A Time quotes from an article on the “European complicity and responsibility” for the Holocaust and the ways in which Poland and Ukraine are dealing with “vague and extremely unfair accusations levelled at a whole nation.” AnTyx writes about Estonia's pre-war Jewish population: “While it is a...

Poland, UK: Abortion

  17 January 2009

Polandian notes that thousands of Polish women are having abortions in the UK: “With it being illegal here in Poland, they are forced to travel to other countries thereby adding bureaucratic hassle and a strange environment/language to what must already be a very nasty and stressful situation.”

Poland: Does Tusk deliver on his promises?

  11 January 2009

Polandian discusses whether Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his governing party, Civic Platform, actually have delivered on any of their promises after more than a year in power.