· September, 2010

Stories about Poland from September, 2010

Poland: Solidarność 1980 vs. Solidarność 2010

  22 September 2010

Raf Uzar wrote this on Aug. 31 about Solidarność‘s 30th anniversary: “Lech Wałęsa’s refusal to attend the celebrations was a clear cutting of the umbilical cord and demonstration of the fact that the legacy of Solidarity 1980 is to be found elsewhere, not in Solidarity 2010.” Polandian added: “So, to...

Russia, Poland: “The Fog Surrounding the Crash Remains”

  22 September 2010

Streetwise Professor writes about the ongoing inquiry into the April 10 plane crash that killed the Polish president and 95 others, reporting this, among other things: “Most peculiarly, the air traffic controller who was in charge when the plane crashed ‘retired’ three days after the crash, and Russian authorities claim...