· April, 2007

Stories about Poland from April, 2007

Poland: A View on VT Tragedy

  25 April 2007

A Polish view on the Virginia Tech tragedy – at Warsaw Station: “Minutes after the tragedy on Monday, Polish news programs were running headlines like: “W Ameryce można kupić broń w supermarkecie” Translation: “In America one can buy a gun in a supermarket” Everyone else sees it. Why don't we?”

Poland: Bigotry, Not Homophobia

  25 April 2007

The beatroot writes about Krakow's gays and their opponents: “So not Campaign Against Homophobia – it should be Campaign Against Bigots.” (36 comments to this post so far.)

Ukraine, Poland: Euro 2012

  19 April 2007

The beatroot and Vilhelm Konnander write about problems facing Poland and Ukraine as they are beginning to prepare to host Euro 2012.

Ukraine, Poland: Euro 2012

  18 April 2007

Ukraine and Poland will be hosting Euro 2012, Siberian Light reports: “Just over half of the matches in the tournament will be played in Poland but, to compensate, Ukraine will host the final of Euro 2012 in the Kiev Olympic Stadium.”

Hungary: Euro-2012 Bid

  17 April 2007

Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar and Pestcentric look at the chances that Hungary/Croatia's bid has in tomorrow's Euro-2012 vote in Cardiff.

Poland: Splitting Parties

  16 April 2007

“… Splitting tendency has been evident in Polish politics ever since the fall of communism. It even happened to the Beer Drinkers Party,” the beatroot reports.

Poland: Scientologists

  11 April 2007

The beatroot writes about the arrival of Scientologists to Poland: “Bizarrely, the ‘leader’ of Scientology in Poland is Hanna Garbalska, a member of the Polish Peasant’s Party! Is she seeking to lure witless peasants into a life of misery and poverty?”

Poland: A Roundup

  6 April 2007

Some of the subjects recently covered by the beatroot: Aleksander Kwasniewski‘s back (34 comments; Traveling Life has a post on the tape scandal involving Poland's ex-president); Poland's “Bono-like behaviour” (24 comments); “fast-track saintification” of Pope John Paul II that 61 percent of the Poles support (79 comments); and – “should...

Russia, Poland: Auschwitz Dispute

  5 April 2007

Rossijskaja Federazija reports that the Polish management of the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial museum closed the Russian part of the exposition on the prisoners because of a dispute over the victims’ citizenship.