· November, 2008

Stories about Poland from November, 2008

Central & Eastern Europe: Obituaries

  30 November 2008

Edward Lucas re-posts The Economist‘s obits of Mieczyslaw Rakowski, a Polish Communist journalist and politician, who died on Nov. 8, and of Boris Fyodorov, a Russian economic reformer, who died on Nov. 20. Borut Peterlin notes the death of Vilko Filač, the “cameraman of Emir Kusturica’s best movies.”

Poland: Racist Flyers Given to Children in a Catholic Church

  15 November 2008

One of the Catholic churches in Poznań, Poland's fifth largest city, generated a lot of online buzz yesterday, when the media published articles about a religious flyer printed by a Catholic weekly Mały Gość Niedzielny and distributed to children. On the flyer's cover, there is a quote from the Bible - “A lamp without oil is dark, a human without a prayer, too.” Right above it is a drawing of a black child, who is saying: “What a pity that the prayer does not brighten the skin.” Sylwia Presley reviews the buzz.

Central & Eastern Europe: A Travel Roundup

  13 November 2008

Olive harvesting in Albania, John Paul II monuments in Poland, a Soviet military hardware cemetery in Moscow and more: Central and Eastern Europe-based bloggers share their recent travel stories and photos.

Poland, U.S.: Lech Kaczyński's Blunders

  7 November 2008

Raf Uzar writes that the Polish president “is doing everything he can to get noticed much to the chagrin of most of Poland’s political elite, journalists and tired citizens” – and among his recent blunders is this line from a congratulatory letter to Barack Obama: “the President of the United...

Poland: Reactions to Obama's Victory

  7 November 2008

Sylwia Presley reports on the reactions to the results of the U.S. election, which dominate the Polish blogosphere today: blogging politicians, journalists, microbloggers and bloggers interested in the U.S. elections are sharing their joy when referring to Obama, as well as their skeptical opinions towards the current Polish president and the government in general.

Poland, Romania, U.S.: Fear of Obama

  5 November 2008

The beatroot and Csíkszereda musings report on how the possibility of Obama becoming the next U.S. president is feeding the fears of the apocalyptically-minded individuals – and how Poland and Romania feature in these “prophecies.”