· December, 2005

Stories about Poland from December, 2005

Poland: Avian-Free Nativity

26 December 2005

the beatroot reports that avian flu fears stopped a Polish nativity scene tradition this year.

Poland: Christmas Carp

23 December 2005

At p3, the beatroot says that were they given a choice, Polish carp would probably vote against Christmas. Almost all of the 22,000 tons of farmed carp in Poland are consumed around Christmas.

Poland: Ranking the US

21 December 2005

the beatroot reports on a new opinion poll showing that Polish opinion of the United States has decreased over the past year and discusses why this has happened.

Poland: Anti-Corruption Project

16 December 2005

PolBlog.pl has launched a new anti-corruption project called “Whistleblower 24/7″ that will take individuals’ reports of corruption and pass them on to the proper authorities.

Poland: Where the Past Never Dies

15 December 2005

the beatroot reports that charges against General Wojciech Jaruzeski are being prepared connected to actions he took during the country's period of martial law. He and many Poles argue that his declaration of martial law saved the country from a Soviet invasion.

Poland: Top 20

8 December 2005

PolBlog reports that Poland is in the top 20 countries when it comes to number of internet users.