· March, 2006

Stories about Poland from March, 2006

Belarus: Lukashenko's Disappearance and Other News

  31 March 2006

Andrei Khrapavitski, br23 blog and TOL's Belarus Blog write about reports of the first March 25 casualty, Milinkevich's visit to Poland, Polish ex-ambassador's hospitalization – and Aleksandr Lukashenko's disappearance.

Poland: Singer Turned Politician Tired of Politics

  30 March 2006

The beatroot writes about a 56-year-old Polish rock musician turned politician and the problems he's facing. “After making a lot of money over the years, he must have got bored – like ageing rock stars do – and thought that he would represent the very un-rock and roll Law and...

Belarus: Ex-Ambassador Maszkiewicz Hospitalized

  30 March 2006

19. People's Blog on Presidential Election reports (RUS) that Mariusz Maszkiewicz, former Polish ambassador to Belarus, has been moved from prison to a hospital, possibly for emergency treatment of a heart attack. Maszkiewicz was jailed for his participation in the March 25 protest rally in Minsk and subjected to harsh...

Poland: Parliamentary Crises

  29 March 2006

The beatroot writes on Poland's inability to come up with a coalition government and the not too efficient attempts to fix the situation: “Many normal people here argue, however, that it is not the system […] that is to blame for Poland’s political instability, but – and here’s a radical...

Poland: Trains

  27 March 2006

Aaron Fowles of p3 writes about Polish trains: the Osobowy, the Pospieszny, and the rest of them.

Polish Blogosphere Update

  27 March 2006

Apparently, according to Real Warsaw, Poland is single-handedly styming EU progress. Poland's recently elected populist government isn't seen as a solution since future-oriented policies appear off the table. However, according to Bernski in the comments section, the problems may be deeper than a newly elected government — shibboleths such as...

Polish Blogosphere Update

  13 March 2006

Don't ever lose your wallet in Poland, especially if it contains your bank card – that's the lesson gleaned from expat Wendy Lady of The Poland Diaries. After reading about her ordeal to a open a bank account, I have concluded that Eurocrats can learn a thing or two from...

Central & Eastern Europe: International Women's Day

  8 March 2006

March 8 has been an official day off in Russia and Ukraine, and here are some bloggers’ reactions to the holiday – in Russia and Ukraine, as well as elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe. Scott W. Clark of Foreign Notes, a Kyiv-based blog, is not happy about the universality...

Europe: Poland vs Hungary in the EU Vodka Debate

  2 March 2006

“Polish vodka purists” define vodka “as an alcoholic beverage derived from cereals or potatoes,” writes the Beatroot; “Hungarian producers have been taking advantage of the EU regulation that allows almost any transparent intoxicating and tasteless liquor to be sold as vodka,” counters Pestiside.hu. The EU vodka definition debate continues.