· January, 2007

Stories about Poland from January, 2007

Russia: Amber

  31 January 2007

Copydude writes about the sorry state of the Baltic ecology and about the amber mines of Kaliningrad.

Poland: Politics

  31 January 2007

“This is not a deeply unpopular government at all. It’s supporters appear to quite like it,” writes Warsaw Station in a lengthy post (followed by a lengthy discussion).

Poland: Sex Scandal and Cronyism

  31 January 2007

Traveling Life writes about Poland's ongoing sex scandal and about yet another case of cronyism: “I know that each political appointee has an army of advisers to make sure he doesn't screw up too much. But at some point we have to ask when the sheer incompetence of political appointees...

Poland: LOT Airline

  31 January 2007

“LOT's passenger numbers have risen by less than 2 percent last year at the time when millions of Poles are traveling to work in Irland and Britain.” Polish Matters writes about plans to revive the ailing airline.

Poland: PM With a Broken Arm

  31 January 2007

The beatroot writes: “[The Polish president's twin brother] breaks arm after falling on ice. Does that make him a lame duck Prime Minister?” A commenter responds: “He's a right wing duck, so breaking he left wing is part of his project, surly?” And another one: “Populism and regionalism, only requires...

Poland: Anti-Missile System

  31 January 2007

The beatroot argues that “the critics of the decision of placing a US anti-missile system in Poland are being as paranoid as the US government.”

Poland: The Soviets’ Nuclear Arsenal

  31 January 2007

The beatroot writes about the “now unclassified documents which show that Poland was nothing more than a buffer to the West for the Soviets and one that they could afford to make into a nuclear desert!”

Poland: HIV and Politics

  25 January 2007

The beatroot writes about the politics surrounding the case of the African refugee infecting women with HIV: “This time it's not AIDS and gays, however, it’s AIDS and Africans.”

Poland: Collaborator Archbishop Resigns

  8 January 2007

The beatroot reports on the resignation of a Polish archbishop who had been collaborating with the Communist regime for 20 years: “Watching on TV now it looks like a wedding where all the guests turn up only to discover it’s a funeral.”

Poland: “Africans+AIDS+Poland=racism”

  5 January 2007

The beatroot writes about hysteria in the Polish tabloids: “Simon is pleading not guilty, of course. It's like one of those off-the-peg stories Polish tabloid journos dream of: ‘Black African artistic seducer infects innocent Polish girls with HIV!!! Knowledge about HIV – and Africans, for that matter – is very...

Poland: Politics

  3 January 2007

The beatroot explains how Polish politics works: “Polish PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski is not a central European version of Margaret Thatcher. If they met he would call her an economic ‘liberalizer’ (a dirty word in Polish government circles) while she would give him a sharp whack over the head with her...

Poland's Pulse: “This year was…”

  1 January 2007

Polish bloggers are having a holiday break. Stuck between family and tons of food (both are obligatory parts of Christmas celebrations here), some only posted best wishes, and many didn't even bother to do even that. Among these who managed to update after all, a great number seems to have...