· June, 2008

Stories about Guyana from June, 2008

Jamaica: Kingston On The Edge

  30 June 2008

From Jamaica, Active Voice reviews KOTE (Kingston On The Edge), a visual arts festival, where she says “For a brief moment in time we were treated to the kind of vibrant effervescent atmosphere we ought legitimately to expect from a well-connected and functioning art scene.”

Guyana: Death of a President

  24 June 2008

Ruel Johnson's Fictions notes the passing yesterday of Arthur Chung, the first President of Guyana, at the age of 90. He held the post from 1970 to 1980, and was “the first ethnic Chinese President of a non-Asian country.”

Barbados, Venezuela: Maritime Claim

  17 June 2008

Notes From The Margin sheds some light on the Barbados/Venezuela maritime controversy, saying: “The waters under discussion can ONLY be Venezuela's if you accept that 1. Half of Guyana is actually Venezuela. 2. That two countries (Venezuela and Trinidad) can commit a third and fourth countries (Barbados and Guyana) to...

Guyana: Love and Marriage

  12 June 2008

“It is a shock to some people system, nice, nice gyal like you ain’t married yet? A gyal should not walk around unfettered by man”: Guyana-Gyal has other ideas.

Guyana: Who's The Boss?

  6 June 2008

“Aiye, mummy, imagine what can happen to poor li’l countries that have role models and leaders like Big Boss Man”: Guyana-Gyal tells the story of an abuse of power and says that “some things are just too hard to understand, especially in the pre-rain, sticky heat.”

Guyana: Lines of Love

  3 June 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana uses John Agard's poetry to explain why she cannot separate love from sex: “The poems speak on all possible aspects of a couple's involvement–the physical, the cerebral, the spiritual…”

Guyana: Wining Season

  3 June 2008

“All the time at any given time there is always a set of wining up and wining down to launch a product, open a building or school, celebrate an anniversary or any occasion for that matter”: Living Guyana figures there must be a more appropriate way to demonstrate support.

Guyana: Racism and the Writer

  2 June 2008

“In a small society such as ours, with limited access to resources, a political system that is based on racial division is going to naturally shape a racially defined socio-economic system, the definition of politics after all being who gets what, when and how”: Writer Ruel Johnson blogs about racism...