· January, 2012

Stories about Guyana from January, 2012

Guyana: Kissoon Firing as “Rodney Redux”

  25 January 2012

“The government and its sycophantic outliers may argue from now until the cows come home that the days of Burnham are over, but this is essentially Walter Rodney redux…”: The Minority Report adds its voice to the outcry over the firing of Freddie Kissoon from the University of Guyana.

Guyana: First Female Colonel

  20 January 2012

Repeating Islands notes that “in a history making moment, the promotion of Guyana’s first female Colonel was today announced. She is the region’s first serving female colonel.”

Guyana: All Kinds of Cowards

  12 January 2012

“I’s afflicted with the kinda cringing-minging-tiptoeing timidity that people don’t take seriously”: Guyana-Gyal “decide[s] to embrace [her] Inner Coward.”

Guyana: Considering Corruption

  11 January 2012

“To invest, you got to pay your dues. Self-righteous people does call it ‘bribe'”: Guyana-Gyal is “balk[ing] ‘n’ squawk[ing] against paying the staff in the birth certificate office.”

Caribbean: Looking Back on 2011

  3 January 2012

The regional blogosphere in 2011 saw a few territories, most notably Cuba, taking front and centre - especially when it came to digital activism. The rest of the Caribbean meanwhile, grappled with everything from homophobia to states of emergency, weathered hurricanes and questioned the boundaries of online privacy.