· January, 2008

Stories about Guyana from January, 2008

Guyana: World ignores Lusignan?

  31 January 2008

Caribbean Lionesse asks: Why has the international media ignored the recent Lusignan massacre in Guyana? “Are 11 brown and black lives worth such scant attention?”

Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago: Lusignan Massacre

  28 January 2008

“I've never felt so utterly hopeless about Guyana as I do today, and it weighs all the heavier in this prolonged season of hopelessness about my own country, my own society”: As news spreads about the horrific massacre in the town of Lusignan, Nicholas Laughlin‘s heart bleeds for Guyana.

Barbados: Impact of CSME

  26 January 2008

While Bajan Free Press believes “the future of Barbados is inextricably linked to the future of the Caribbean region of which we are a part”, Barbados Underground says: “We will probably import many of the social ills of T&T, Guyana and several of the other islands.”

Guyana: The White Line

  23 January 2008

“I read somewhere, a butterfly flutter he wings in one country and earthquake happen in another part of the world. Reality, me dear, ain't pretty like a butterfly”: Guyana-Gyal connects the dots of the drug trade and puts a face on the people whose lives are affected.

Caribbean: Obama in Iowa

  9 January 2008

Senator Barack Obama's astounding success in Iowa - the first of the caucuses that will ultimately result in the victorious nominee from each of the two main political parties going on to contest the 2008 US presidential election - has struck a chord with many Caribbean bloggers. Some think he's the perfect candidate for the next US president, others aren't so sure, but there's no doubt that the Senator for Illinois is giving the Caribbean blogosphere something to talk about...

Gyuana: Bonding at Bourda

  4 January 2008

After Signifyin’ Guyana blogs about a short story entitled Bourda, which “gives an engaging account of a group of men going to a cricket match at Bourda”, a female cricket fan writes in to share what the experience of attending matches at Guyana's famous cricket ground was like for women.

Guyana: 2008 Wishes

  2 January 2008

“I want to make a li’l wish for everybody. Salut. Sante. Warm hugs on cold days. Nice cool drinks when your life-pot get too hot”: Guyana-Gyal wishes everyone a fulfilling 2008.