· October, 2006

Stories about Guyana from October, 2006

Guyana: Celebrity culture

  31 October 2006

When Guyana finally develops a celebrity culture, who will qualify? wonders MediaCritic, offering some suggestions as to who might occupy the A-, B- and C-lists.

Guyana: Walk along the sea

  16 October 2006

Guyana-Gyal walks down to the sea — “just to see what I could see” — and has an encounter with Guyanese music star Eddie Grant that makes her ponder the true meaning of “development”.

Guyana-Gyal: Yin and Yang

  6 October 2006

After reading another newspaper editorial fraught with pessimism, Guyana-Gyal wishes there were more people like her friend, who “understand that along with tears is laughs; with the dark, light; problems, solutions; sick, heal. That is what I wish we could hear, again, again.“

Guyana: Skin deep?

  6 October 2006

Guyana Providence Stadium's field reporter waxes cynical about the cosmetic enhancements being made to Guyana's capital city ahead of the 2007 Cricket World Cup: “In Guyana these days as soon as you plant trees to beautify the place, the people dig them up and plant them in their own yards.“

Guyana: Plantains

  3 October 2006

Guyana-Gyal writes an ode to plantains: “Roast it green, mash it up, season it up with salt and black peppa and chopped onions. Blend it ripe with nuts and milk. Fry it ripe with salt and let you teeth chew on that tough-outside-soft-inside, wrap you taste buds ‘round the salt...