· March, 2008

Stories about Guyana from March, 2008

Guyana: Baccoo

  27 March 2008

Guyana-Gyal says that “bandits is the new baccoo” – one of the most feared creatures in Guyanese folklore.

Guyana: Learning to Live

  25 March 2008

“The confusion I come to is this – something new growing in we the people”: Guyana-Gyal says that her fellow Guyanese are “learning to live despite the threats of badness, despite the thought that any minute, Fine Man and he pack can savage again.”

Guyana: Threads that Bind

  14 March 2008

“Sometimes we life is one unending seam, same colour, same strand, same stitch, not varying in size. Then suddenly the thread snap and…”: Guyana-Gyal discovers a “delightful variation” from her daily routine.

Guyana: On the Alert

  11 March 2008

As the sister of the man suspected in the two Guyana massacres is murdered, Living Guyana says: “This spells some serious trouble for the ordinary citizens of the nation.”

Guyana: The Art of Living

  8 March 2008

Guyana-Gyal has not blogged since the massacre in Lusignan, but she's back, stronger and braver than ever before: “…Though I am furious about them murders, though I am full of grief, I ain’t feeling that horrible, heart-thumping fear that does grip me.”