· June, 2007

Stories about Guyana from June, 2007

Guyana: Carbon Credits

  29 June 2007

“The tee vee does keep me company while I embroider, but if I switch it off and listen to them voices in me head instead, I can get credits for that?” Guyana-Gyal wants to find out more about how the Carbon Credits system works.

Guyana: Customer Service

  25 June 2007

“Customers are doing a business a favour by gracing that establishment. Is it too much to expect a smile, pleasant service and a ‘thank you for your business’ as the customer leaves?” Stella Ramsaroop examines the state of customer service in Guyana.

Guyana: Jumbies

  22 June 2007

“Guyanese blame every event, behaviour or sign that we can’t explain on jumbies…ghosts…dead people spirit.” Guyana-Gyal explains.

Guyana: Sex on Demand?

  20 June 2007

The Guyana Groove raises the question of “whether a woman should feel obligated to provide sex for her husband at anytime he requests it.”

Guyana: Seeing is Believing

  19 June 2007

Guyana-Gyal will not believe she has a rodent problem until she sees it with her own eyes - but she's setting down a few traps just in case.

Guyana: Pest Problem?

  18 June 2007

“Instantly, a series of nervous breakdowns hit me, biff bang thud, bradaps, just so they take me down, piece by piece, ow, somebody hold me, hold me and sop me head with cooool Limacol before I faint.” Guyana-Gyal does not suffer pests lightly.

Guyana: International Image

  13 June 2007

Living Guyana quotes an Associated Press report to make a point about how Guyana is being perceived by the international community following the foiled JFK terror plot.

Guyana: Religious Tolerance

  12 June 2007

“Most people in Guyana are very tolerant of the religious beliefs of others. Which is why this whole thing is so hard to swallow.” Stella Ramsaroop tries to get her head around the alleged involvement of Guyanese nationals in the JFK terror plot.

Guyana: Another Brick in the Wall

  5 June 2007

“This wall is new Guyana-style architecture…it got to be wide and broad enough so the door can swing out. It got to be high enough to prevent a small flood from invading we li’l foyer again…and low enough to step over.” Guyana-Gyal has hit an obstacle.

Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago: Foiled Terrorist Attack at JFK

  4 June 2007

“We hear the news yesterday, take down we flags and hang we heads instead in shame and grief, stop this rain and let we tears rain down instead.” Guyana-Gyal reacts to the news of three of her countrymen being involved in the foiled terror attack at JFK airport, while Jeremy...