· July, 2007

Stories about Guyana from July, 2007

Guyana: And The Award Goes To…

  20 July 2007

“When I first start blogging, I did feel as if I been talking to meself. Then I discover other bloggers…and suddenly…click…click…the whole world open for me!” Guyana-Gyal passes on The Blogger Reflection Award to five bloggers who have touched her life.

Caribbean: West Indies Cricket Board Elections

  17 July 2007

“You might think that the position is so blighted that no one wants it, or you may think it just odd that only one name apiece was tossed into the circle for the posts of president and vice-president of the West Indies Cricket Board.” Vaneisa Baksh at CaribbeanCricket.com weighs in...

Guyana: Modern-Day Fairytale?

  17 July 2007

“Once upon a now time, it got a gyal who believe in love and romance…” Guyana-Gyal is torn between her “well-beloved myths” and reality.

Guyana: Healthy Eating

  6 July 2007

A book by Michael Pollan gets GuyaneseMark thinking about how lucky he is to be in Guyana, “where my only choice when buying produce and meat is to look at local, all-natural producers. It denies the capitalist consumer in me to search for the better price for food at the...

Guyana: Technology Trap

  3 July 2007

Guyana Providence Stadium is all for keeping up with the latest technology – but wonders whether Guyana has more pressing concerns.

Guyana: Silly Love Songs?

  2 July 2007

“Love…rosemantic love…what it is about it that would make we put we parched, cracked lips to burning sands to suck it up if we think we gon find it there?” Old love songs get Guyana-Gyal thinking.