· August, 2009

Stories about Guyana from August, 2009

Guyana: Striking Back

  24 August 2009

As mobile phone theft continues to rise in Georgetown, Imran Khan shares a practical way in which to strike back.

Guyana: Leadership Issue

  21 August 2009

As Dr Van West-Charles decides to “withdraw from the PNC leadership race and support former Party Chairman Winston Murray”, Guyanese bloggers react. Guyana 360 calls the move “a display of political maturity”, while Imran Khan says: “If the PNC…does not realise that Murray…must be its leader at this time, then...

Guyana: Curtains for PNC?

  20 August 2009

Guyanese blogger Imran Khan wonders whether the infighting over the PNC political party's leadership will signal “the complete and utter destruction of the party itself.”

Guyana: “Brigah”-Free

  14 August 2009

“Guyanese got a word for this way of behaving. Anybody who is too proud or haughty, we does say them is brigah”: Guyana-Gyal attends a wedding that is refreshingly free of labels.

Guyana, Barbados: Barbadians First

  7 August 2009

Repeating Islands reports that The Council for Hemispheric Affairs has weighed in “on the heated dialogue that has ensued after the compulsory deportation of Guyanese nationals from Barbados…”

Guyana: Choosing Gladness

  3 August 2009

“I should care. Some body try to burn down the Ministry of Health. Stories blaze across we newspapers like fierce red warnings of trouble coming…”: Despite the bad news, Guyana-Gyal thinks it best to “take in some glad mood”.