· May, 2009

Stories about Guyana from May, 2009

Guyana, Barbados: Illegal Immigration

  25 May 2009

When it comes to the issue of illegal immigrants in Barbados, Guyanese blogger Imran Khan says: “What is wong is wrong”, adding in another post: “I’m interested in learning what, specifically, President Bharrat Jagdeo is accusing the Barbadians of being ‘un-CARICOM-like’ about?”

Guyana: R.I.P.

  20 May 2009

“An era has quietly passed and hardly anyone has paid any notice”: Imran Khan pays his last respects to the Guyanese tradition of broadcasting death announcements.

Guyana, Cuba: Day Against Homophobia

  19 May 2009

“What did it mean that there were no openly lesbian women where I lived in Guyana, a little over 20 years ago?” asks Signifyin’ Guyana, as she acknowledges the recent International Day Against Homophobia; Repeating Islands, meanwhile, notes that the occasion was recognized in Havana.

Guyana: Prayer Calling

  18 May 2009

“It is an injustice being blatantly perpetrated upon thousands and thousands of Guyanese on a daily basis and one against which many feel helpless”: Imran Khan takes issue with the custom of amplified calls to prayer, calling it “noise pollution”.

Guyana: Telling Tales

  13 May 2009

“If flu does spread from animal to people and kill people…we better look out for mini-bus drivers flu starting in Guyana”: Guyana-Gyal has a tale worthy of the Grimm Brothers.

Guyana: There Goes the Community

  12 May 2009

“As we, as a nation, strive to put food on tables and to build, renovate or spruce up our homes we have developed a culture of neglecting our wider environment and particularly places of recreation”: Guyanese blogger Imran Khan calls the neglect “a sad and sorry state of affairs.”

Guyana: Saving the Rainforest

  11 May 2009

“When ordinary folks talk, nobody don’t listen. When celebrities talk, everybody care” – which is just fine with Guyana-Gyal, as long as they keep talking about saving the rainforest.

Guyana: Advertising Issue

  8 May 2009

The new Banks beer commercials in Guyana have blogger Imran Khan incensed: “What does it say about a company which foists upon a nation an advertisement lecturing to the citizenry that we should all guzzle alcoholic beverages because it builds the nation?”

Guyana: Press Freedom Ranking

  8 May 2009

As mainstream media sources (and a regional blog) report that Guyana's press freedom ranking has improved, Signifyin’ Guyana says: “Well, in a region with Mexico and some of the other Spanish-speaking countries where there's an outright war on the press (so to speak), it's easy to see why Guyana government's...