· May, 2007

Stories about Guyana from May, 2007

One Caribbean; Many Identities…

  30 May 2007

Calypsonian Lord Nelson once sang, “all ah we is one family”. Optimists in the Caribbean may well agree with these words, but the reality is that if you were to describe Caribbean states as a family, you would have to call it a complex unit - and one in which there is much sibling rivalry. Trinidadian blogger Karel Mc Intosh discusses the intricate subject of Caribbean unity with Jamaicans Geoffrey Philp and Francis Wade and Guyanese blogger Media Critic.

Guyana: Monetary Compensation & Sexual Assault

  30 May 2007

Following a case in which when a 39 year-old man was accused of sexual assault against a 17 year-old girl, The Guyana Groove writes: “When a woman is forced to accept monetary compensation from the very person who already violated her, it is as if she is forced to put...

Guyana, Barbados: Press Freedom

  25 May 2007

Antilles, along with many regional newspapers, stands behind Stabroek News in condemning the Guyanese government's advertising boycott of the newspaper due to editorial content – while Barbados Free Press wonders why The Nation News could not have assumed a similar stance with local freedom of speech issues.

Talking to Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp

  14 May 2007

The Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp has published five books of poems, a collection of short stories called Uncle Obadiah and the Alien, and a novel, Benjamin, My Son. He lives in Miami, a member of the great Caribbean diaspora in North America, and he currently teaches at Miami-Dade College. Since...

Guyana: Noise Pollution

  14 May 2007

“Maybe the murder rate in Guyana would decline if the citizens were able to get a decent night’s sleep without noise interruption,” writes The Guyana Groove, as she addresses the issue of noise pollution.

Guyana: Sarwan Predicts Victory

  8 May 2007

West Indies Cricket Captain Ramnaresh Sarwan predicts that his team will emerge triumphant in the upcoming tour of England, according to this post from Voice of Guyana International.

Guyana: Mosquito Wars

  7 May 2007

“Paint me with citronella oil and call me Warrior-Gyal. I going on a hunt!” declares Guyana-Gyal as she and “black flocks” of mosquitoes face off.

Guyana: Copying Creativity?

  3 May 2007

Someone on My Space is using Guyana-Gyal‘s moniker and she's not happy about it: “I so vex me words chack up in me trote.”

Guyana: Mt. Roraima

  3 May 2007

Guest authoring on the Caribbean Beat Blog, Nicholas Laughlin writes an account of his hiking expedition to Mt. Roraima, a tabletop mountain located on the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

Guyana: HIV/AIDS Cheerleaders?

  2 May 2007

“Are you between the ages of 14 and 17? Would you like to be a CHEERLEADER for HIV/AIDS Messages?” An odd newspaper ad gets Guyana-Gyal thinking.