· July, 2006

Stories about Guyana from July, 2006

Guyana: US interference?

  26 July 2006

Guyana 360 asks why the US government has revoked the travel visa of Guyana's acting police commissioner Henry Green. “Instead of openly stating their position, the US resorts to public pressure and embarrasement.”

Guyana: Pothole challenge

  25 July 2006

“Dear Car Manufacturers Abroad, I challenge you to come and test you cars in Real Life Conditions…. Some potholes so deep you can’t call them potholes, you got to call them cauldron holes.” Guyana-Gyal writes an open letter complaining about the state of the roads.

Guyana: Election date announced

  24 July 2006

Following the announcement that a long-anticipated general election will be held in Guyana on 28 August, Demeraralighthouse analyses the election strategies of the country's two major political parties, while Living Guyana predicts a violent election season: “all de nastiness an’ de madness now start”.

  20 July 2006

Guyana-Gyal wonders whether her nosy yet unfriendly new neighours — a group of men — might be in “purdah”.

France: The Beginnings of Affirmative Action

Says (Fr) France-based Senegalese blogger Seckasysteme about the allegedly affirmative-action induced hiring and debut of Black French newsanchor Harry Roselmack on French national television: “Roselmack's (…) professional competence and the recognition he has earned from his peers is so obvious that even the detractors of affirmative action are starting to...

Guyana: Migration and family

  17 July 2006

Guyana-Gyal contemplates migration and familly ties: “Them countries that got the best of my family…them countries just don't know how they lucky.”

Caribbean: Stanford 20/20

  14 July 2006

Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat weblog notes the début of the Stanford 20/20 in Antigua, the “fastest and whackiest form of the game [of cricket] yet,” adding that “the purists will no doubt gnash their teeth, as they did when one-day matches were begun in 1963 and when Packer...

Caribbean: Google maps Caribbean territories

  12 July 2006

Ryan at The West Indies Cricket Blog notes that Google Maps has added high-definition satellite images for Guyana, Jamaica and Barbados that allow for “upclose overhead shot[s]” of the cricket grounds in those countries. The grounds are being prepared for the 2007 World Cup.

Guyana: Zidane's head-butt, in Creolese

  11 July 2006

Guyana-Gyal posts what is very likely the first written analysis of Zinedine Zidane's head-butt in Creolese, Guyana's “nation language“: “‘You saw that?!?’ I ask in my best ready-to-gossip voice. Right off, Indeera know what I talking ‘bout…that goat-butt the French guy give the Italian. Pow in he chest..“

Martinique: First Caribbean Social Forum

  7 July 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] is pleased (Fr) to learn that the first Caribbean Social Forum is happening in Martinique this week (July 5-9) but does not think its timing was particularly smart what with the World Cup's final taking place this weekend as well as an annual cultural fair in...

Guyana: Government ignores Caricom?

  7 July 2006

Demeraralighthouse sees the non-attendance of Guyana's President and Security Minister at two key Caricom meetings as a sign that “the Guyana government has apparently embarked on a policy-position to ignore the 15-member Caribbean Community (Caricom), sacrificing the regional organisation for its own partisan domestic political agenda . . . .”