· October, 2008

Stories about Guyana from October, 2008

Jamaica, Guyana: Academic Performance

  29 October 2008

YardFlex.com is proud that Jamaicans are among the regional high school students being honoured for their outstanding academic performance and encourages them “to continue reaching for the stars.”

Guyana, U.S.A.: Making History?

  28 October 2008

“We may see in the possibility of America’s first Black president the sign of more tolerant times. We may see in the possibility of this particular Black president the sign of a more genuine concern for global affairs. And we can’t help but be caught up in the positive feel...

Guyana: Social Services

  27 October 2008

“Increasing access to social services is among the priorities identified by indigenous women leaders in the region as key to empowerment”: The Voice of the Taino People Online reports on the Conference on Indigenous Women in the Caribbean, being held in Guyana.

Guyana, Suriname: River Dispute

  27 October 2008

Living Guyana blogs about an escalating diplomatic dispute between Guyana and Suriname over access to the Corentyne River, while Guyana 360 suggests that a boat accident along the river in question comes at a curious time.

Guyana: Ladylike?

  21 October 2008

Guyana-Gyal isn't quite sure what “ladies living in proper places” actually do.

Guyana: Road Deaths

  20 October 2008

As a young reporter is killed in a road accident while on assignment, Living Guyana calls on her company to take some measure of responsibility for her death. Signifyin’ Guyana agrees: “It could just be the kind of thinking needed to curb road deaths in Guyana.”

Guyana: EPA – To Sign or Not To Sign?

  14 October 2008

The European Union is ushering in the first phases of a new trade pact between regional territories and the 27 members of the EU. What's the big deal about a little trade agreement? Just the fact that the new rules change the fundamentals of how these two trade blocs relate. Some regional governments - like Guyana - are insisting that they will not sign the EPA as it stands. The problem is, there's a deadline involved. A few Guyanese bloggers have been speaking out...

Guyana: Working It

  9 October 2008

Guyana-Gyal gives an example of the “true, true story that some watch while you labour in the heat, then they sneak in cool, cool and reap.”

Guyana, U.S.A.: Remittances

  7 October 2008

Living Guyana says that his countrymen should not feel smug over the US financial crisis “for a simple reason: The great pillar of this economy is not sugar, rice or gold. It's remittances…”