· March, 2009

Stories about Guyana from March, 2009

Guyana: The English are Coming

  20 March 2009

“…plenty visitors from Engerland is here for cricket, and to be hospitable, we the people must speak in a way that they can understand”: Guyana-Gyal is practicing her English.

Guyana: On the Road

  18 March 2009

“Man can’t stop roaming. So you can imagine what happen when Guyanese discover open borders between here and the rest o’ South America”: Guyana-Gyal ruminates on the probabilities.

Guyana, Bahamas: CLICO Records

  5 March 2009

Signifyin’ Guyana says of the CLICO situation: “I see the possibility for the Govt. of Guyana to ease out of the promise to cover all.”