· November, 2007

Stories about Guyana from November, 2007

Caribbean: Earthquake Tremors

  29 November 2007

Just a few hours ago, the Caribbean experienced strong tremors from an earthquake that originated off the coast of Martinique - regional bloggers talk about what it was like.

Guyana: Chit-Chat

  29 November 2007

According to Guyana-Gyal, chatting, or “gyaffing” is “what we live for here…and cellaar-phones ring in the best thing for extra-communication in my lovely native land.”

Guyana: The Food of Love

  27 November 2007

“If this be the food of luuuve eat on, go on, have another”: Guyana-Gyal indulges in some “chawklit”.

Guyana: Niceties

  26 November 2007

“We the people of Guyana declare war on bad manners. We the people didn’t really know who we had to fight. We did forget to look in the mirror before we head out for the battle…”: Guyana-Gyal knows that being nice matters.

Caribbean: Blogalization

  21 November 2007

What does the term "blogalization" mean to the Caribbean? In this post, a few regional bloggers weigh in. Guyana-Gyal said: "I don't know who coined it…I first used it in June, then found others have been using it before. In some small way, can blogging for the Caribbean be like globalization?..."

Guyana: Violence Against Women

  13 November 2007

“It is time for men to change their attitude toward women – and it needs to start with the nation’s supposed leaders,” writes The Guyana Groove, as she tackles the issue of violence against women.

Guyana: Look-See

  8 November 2007

“Oh, the wonderful things you can see when you look, look, look”: Guyana-Gyal‘s eyes are opened after a visit to the courthouse.

Guyana: Live and Let Live

  7 November 2007

As the debate over the homosexual lifestyle heats up in Guyana, Stella Ramsaroop says: “Sexual preference continues to be at the forefront of the ‘get rid of them because they are different’ battle simply because there are so few who wish to accept the fact that a person’s sexuality is...

Guyana: Wicked Dessert

  2 November 2007

Guyana-Gyal invites you to take a taste of a dessert with “a name that connote ruckshan-ness…that is, bad-girl-ness”…