· August, 2007

Stories about Guyana from August, 2007

Guyana: A Few Things…

  31 August 2007

From listing the things on her desk (“a pen with invisible feet”) to things she can do (“cheer up sooner rather than later”), Guyana-Gyal will put a smile on your face today.

Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana: West Indian Writers

  27 August 2007

Antilles quotes Ian McDonald on the achievements of West Indian writers: “Long after the contradictions and difficulties of our post-colonial societies have been forgotten, the books produced by our writers will have found a permanent place among the valuable, enduring works of man.”

Guyana: A Woman's Role

  24 August 2007

Stella Ramsaroop finds herself assuming the role of submissive woman…but only long enough for her to use it as an example of how women must not “mindlessly fall in line with patriarchal socialisations.”

Guyana: Let There Be Light

  24 August 2007

“Yes, in these bright nights of electricity and days of sunlight, jumbies stalking we land, living jumbies with minds so dead they can’t switch on the light no more…” Guyana-Gyal finds a way to shine light on dark days.

Guyana: Flooding Expected?

  24 August 2007

“These are not freak occurrences but keep happening year after year with all kinds of excuses meted out for the cause of these floods,” says Guyana Providence Stadium, who is concerned that his countrymen “are just accepting these unnecessary floods…and taking them in stride.”

Guyana: Georgetown is flooded

  23 August 2007

“This is the Demerara Cricket Club ground behind that wall – an enclosed wading pool with the slightest rain fall..it must now be a veritable lake,” writes Flickr user Chennette, a Trinidadian living in Guyana, in the caption to the image above: I woke up this morning to find water...

Guyana: Thunder and Lightning

  17 August 2007

“I wonder if is true, that when you want to know how far away the storm is, count the seconds between the thundah and lightening?” Guyana-Gyal thinks she's caught in the eye of the storm.