· January, 2011

Stories about Guyana from January, 2011

Guyana: “real” men

  24 January 2011

The Signifyin’ Woman contemplates Caribbean homophobia and notions of what it means to be a “real” man vs an “anti” man.

Guyana: The Need to Go Green

  20 January 2011

“I wonder if it is true, that there is a link between Styrofoam and cancer. And if there is, then why we still using it in green land of Guyana?”: Guyana-Gyal is beginning to think that “nobody don’t give a damn.”

Guyana: More Than Abstinence

  6 January 2011

“The sooner we recognize that our teens are having sex, the sooner we can start acting like conscientious parents”: The Guyana Groove thinks that “where abstinence alone teaching has failed…learning about sexuality from parents is the answer.”