· June, 2009

Stories about Guyana from June, 2009

Guyana: Man in the Mirror

  30 June 2009

Guyana-Gyal thinks there just might be a little bit of Michael Jackson in all of us: “We might colour that bit a different shade, call it another name, but there it is…only difference is, between he and most o’ we, is that he coulda transcend the pain and sorrow of...

Caribbean, USA: Tributes to the “King of Pop”

  26 June 2009

Despite the controversy which plagued him for the latter part of his eccentric life, the sudden and unexpected death of American-born entertainer Michael Jackson, dubbed "The King of Pop", has touched millions of people around the world - and the Caribbean is no exception. Regional bloggers pay their respects...

Guyana, U.S.A.: Watch List

  22 June 2009

Signifyin’ Guyana agrees with the Human Services Minister's response to reports that the US Department of State has placed Guyana on a watch list for human trafficking.

Guyana: Blackout Stimulus Package?

  18 June 2009

“People across the country are cussing bitterly about the almost nationwide blackouts which Guyanese are suffering on a daily basis”: Imran Khan thinks that “there is serious economics behind it all.”

Guyana: Passport to Efficiency

10 June 2009

Guyanese blogger Imran Khan was pleasantly surprised by his most recent experience at the passport office: “Whoever is responsible for the upgrade…particularly the attitude and professionalism of the officers, needs to be issued with the highest commendations.”

Guyana: Blog Ranking

  3 June 2009

When it comes to rating blogs, Signifyin’ Guyana maintains that “stats shouldn't count. Content should”, adding: “Those of us who remain entrenched in old notions of hierarchy are being defeated by this and other new media every day. Hooray!”