· September, 2008

Stories about Guyana from September, 2008

Guyana: Perception Rejection

  27 September 2008

Living Guyana says: “Not unexpectedly the PPP Government of Guyana has rejected Transparency International‘s grading of Guyana on their corruption index.”

Guyana: Criminal Inquiry?

  17 September 2008

As the opposition party calls for an inquiry into the deaths of two suspected mass murderers, Living Guyana says: “We disagree. No one can deny that the deaths of Fineman and Skinny have put a serious dent in crime and have gone a far way at dismantling a well established...

Guyana: Fire Kills Three Children

  16 September 2008

After three Amerindian children die in a dorm fire, Living Guyana voices his disapproval over the way in which the funeral arrangements were handled by the government, while Signifying Guyana posts two poems by Martin Carter in their memory.

Bahamas, Guyana: Fringe Benefits

  15 September 2008

Bahamian blogger The Gaulin Wife reflects on her experience at the recently-concluded Carifesta: “Perhaps being left out of officially sanctioned spaces is sometimes the critical jolt that remembers us to ourselves – reminds us that no government, and no festival can create art or artists, we create and define ourselves.”

Guyana: Massacre Suspects Killed

  10 September 2008

The killing by joint army and police services of Guyana's most wanted man, Rondell "Fineman" Rawlins, and his "Lieutenant" Jermaine "Skinny" Charles on August 28, has been greeted with relief by the public and by bloggers.

Jamaica, Guyana: Bolt Welcomed Home

  10 September 2008

“The rain didn't stop Usain Bolt's return ‘back a yawd’. People lined the road from Norman Manley Airport all the way to the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston”: A Fe Me Page Dis Iyah reports on the Olympic Gold Medalist's triumphant return home, as do YardFlex.com and Guyana 360.

Caribbean: Ike Strikes

  9 September 2008

The 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season is not letting up. Beleaguered Caribbean islands like Cuba and Haiti barely had time to recover from the ravages of Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna when Mother Nature struck once again, this time in the form of Ike. Tensions were high with bloggers Caribbean-wide.

Jamaica, Guyana: New Publishing House?

  9 September 2008

Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp reports that “as publishing opportunities for Caribbean writers continue to shrink…Derek Walcott, David Dabydeen, and Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo have agreed to pursue the development of a Caribbean publishing house located in Guyana.”

Guyana: Living or Surviving?

  3 September 2008

Both Guyana Providence Stadium and Living Guyana blog about the high cost of living: “It is a heart wrenching situation when the mathematics is done based on real terms. Things may be getting better in Guyana but it is still a difficult life and one wonders how people are managing.”

Bahamas, Guyana: Carifesta Comes to a Close

  1 September 2008

“There's the mastery of the activities in the Grand Market…the hospitality of the ordinary Guyanese, the incomprehensibility of the closing ceremony preparations, the ending of the Fineman reign of terror…and there’s the serious discussion of what we need to do, and how, if we want this festival to move forward”:...