· April, 2008

Stories about Guyana from April, 2008

Barbados: False Pride?

  30 April 2008

“Tourism has become the life blood of most of the Caribbean countries and it needs to be re-energized”: Living in Barbados wonders whether the region can be proud of its tourism offering.

Caribbean: Food Shortages

  30 April 2008

“If music be the food of love, play on”, wrote Shakespeare, who could not possibly have anticipated the global food crisis the world is facing today. Rising food prices are a hot topic with bloggers the world over – and the Caribbean is no different. The “music” coming out of...

Guyana: Tribute to McAndrew

  29 April 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana is pleased that the government will “pay a special homage” to the late Wordsworth McAndrew at Guyana's upcoming Carifesta celebrations.

Guyana: Back to the 50s

  22 April 2008

Guyana Providence Stadium posts a series of photos by Godfrey Chin of 1950s Guyana (you'll have to look in the blog's April archives, as there is no photoset) – including this one of a small section of a Carnival band: “Note the copper hand-beaten copper craft armour…”

Guyana: Threats of Tourism

  18 April 2008

“Third World governments invariably justify the promotion of tourism as a driving force for economic development,” says Guyana Providence Stadium, but asks: “Is tourism really the holy cow to be protected and nurtured at all costs for Guyana's development?”

Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago: Debt of Gratitude

  17 April 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana profiles a Trinidad-born writer whose latest work book was a finalist for the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award for biography: “I owe Arnold Rampersad a great big thank-you for making this West Indian woman feel a lot more comfortable about studying Literature in huge American undergraduate classrooms…”

Guyana: Ruel Johnson's Relevance

  11 April 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana says that Ruel Johnson's work, which won the Guyana Prize for best first book of fiction in 2002, is “even more buzz-worthy” now than it was then: “He dares to write. And shows us clearly that literary characters can transcend landscapes and share their pain and triumphs with...

Guyana: Cheap Cheats

  10 April 2008

“Labour is cheap, don’t pay one cent more, cheap pockets, cheap hearts, cheap consciences”: Guyana-Gyal is not fond of the cheating kind.