· May, 2010

Stories about Guyana from May, 2010

Guyana: Portuguese Past

  6 May 2010

Repeating Islands highlights an article by “Sr. Mary Noel Menezes, a Sister of Mercy and an emeritus professor at the University of Guyana [who] gives a historical account of Portuguese migration to Guyana.”

Guyana: Searching for Freedom

“I learn that within freedom we must have discipline. I don’t think of that discipline as censorship. I think of it as putting brain into action before switching on motor-mouth”: The closing of Google China gets Guyana-Gyal thinking about freedom and responsibility.

Guyana: Articulate Voice

  3 May 2010

Signifyin’ Guyana blogs about Guyanese writer Grace Nichols and her poetic tongue, saying that in her work, she “continues to produce articulate speakers who tell the stories of women’s lives…”