· November, 2008

Stories about Guyana from November, 2008

Caribbean: Watching Mumbai

  28 November 2008

From the other side of the world, Caribbean bloggers monitor the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and react with anxiety and consternation.

Guyana: Snake Tales

  20 November 2008

A discarded snake skin reminds Guyana-Gyal of two stories that she learned through oral tradition, causing her to lament: “Instead of adding we stories to the grand history of man, to help illustrate the story of man, we the people is shedding we tales, leaving them to decay while we...

Guyana: On Being Authentic

  19 November 2008

“I spent the first 19 years of my life in Guyana. I have now lived away from Guyana for a longer time than I lived there. Does that make me an inauthentic Guyanese?”: Signifying Guyana responds to an argument that writers “who eventually opt to live and work abroad, cannot…lay...

Guyana: A Snake Story

  18 November 2008

Guyana-Gyal says that her life sometimes feels “like endless days of stories, anecdotes, drama, comedy, tragic-comedy, punctuated by…ssssssssnake!”

Guyana: Value Added Tax

  11 November 2008

Living Guyana thinks it's “about frigging time that…businesses start quoting prices inclusive of VAT”, adding: “It is about time that consumers start to demand more of the businesses they patronize.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana: From the Yard

  10 November 2008

“Growing up in a semi-rural, agricultural area of Trinidad, every household would make garden. Some larger than others, depending on the availability of land. Neighbours shared peas, beans, fruits, trade dasheen bush for avocados, encouraging diversity without having to plant everything yourself”: Lifespan of a Chennette highlights “the joy that...

Guyana: Thoughts on Death

  6 November 2008

“I do not obsess too much…with what lies after death; my concern is with the quality of life one leads here”: From Guyana, Ruel Johnson writes “a brief note” on death.

Jamaica: Farewell to the Dragon – Byron Lee

  5 November 2008

Despite earlier rumours of his death, Jamaica awoke this morning to the news of the passing of the legendary Byron Lee. Lee, bandleader of the Dragonaires, died at the University Hospital of the West Indies yesterday, November 4, 2008, after a two year battle with cancer. Although the news was...

Guyana: Remembering David de Caires

  3 November 2008

David de Caires, founder and editor of the Stabroek News and tireless advocate for press freedom in Guyana, has died at the age of 70. Bloggers from Guyana and elsewhere in the Caribbean pay tribute to one of the most admired figures in the regional media.