· September, 2009

Stories about Guyana from September, 2009

Barbados, Guyana: forest outpost?

  24 September 2009

Living in Barbados examines an audacious 16-year-old proposal to establish a Barbadian outpost in the interior of Guyana, thus addressing the problems of overpopulation in one country and underdevelopment in the other.

Guyana: celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr

  21 September 2009

Lifespan of a Chennette describes her family's elaborate preparations for celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr in Guyana — complete with menus.

Guyana: images of Georgetown

  21 September 2009

Flickr user Nigel Durrant — a Jamaican living in Guyana — posts sets of images from two well-known public spaces in Georgetown: Bourda Market and National Park.

Guyana: the colour of beauty

  18 September 2009

Signifyin’ Guyana reflects on the troubling ideas about beauty that she and other dark-skinned Caribbean women encountered when they were growing up. “It took me a while to learn to ignore the inconsistencies from others and arrive at a healthy view of my skin color and facial features.”

Guyana: “many waters”?

  16 September 2009

What happens when drought hits the “land of many waters”? Guyana-Gyal wonders. “A rice-farmer living in my mother childhood village say that the water in the artesian well is running rusty. Rust. The colour of blood drying.”

Guyana: Wisdom

  3 September 2009

Signifyin’ Guyana has a different perspective on Guyana-Gyal‘s “words of wisdom”.