· October, 2007

Stories about Guyana from October, 2007

Guyana: Iwokrama

  25 October 2007

Guyana-Gyal tells the fascinating story of Iwokrama, “part of one of the last four intact rainforests in the whole wide world!”

Guyana: Give the People what they Want

  24 October 2007

“Guyanese people Abroad so home sick they does crave every juicy detail about things happening here. If ants belch, they need to know what decibel”…so Guyana-Gyal gives them what they want.

Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana: Cricket Highs and Lows

  18 October 2007

West Indies Cricket Blog marks a high and a low in the world of cricket: the bestowing of “the major honour of the Order of Jamaica” on international cricket umpire Steve Bucknor; and the “disgraceful” treatment of the Trinidad and Tobago cricket team in Guyana.

Guyana: No to Buju Banton

  13 October 2007

Guyana's Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination condemns an upcoming performance by Jamaican dancehall performer Buju Banton.

Guyana: Newspapers online

  5 October 2007

Guyana Providence Stadium compares the websites of the three daily Guyanese newspapers and finds the government-owned paper lacking in savvy.