· November, 2006

Stories about Guyana from November, 2006

Guyana: Piggybacking on Barbados tourism

  29 November 2006

MediaCritic proposes that the target of Guyana's most significant tourism advertising campaign should be tourists visiting Barbados, a model already adopted by St. Vincent & the Grenadines: “Through a CARICOM engineered initiative our powers that be need to establish some formal initiative with our sister nation in order to initially...

Guyana: Spare the rod

  28 November 2006

Guyana-Gyal reacts strongly to a newspaper headline stating that the Guyanese Education Ministry backs corporal punishment: “I ain’t anti-discipline. I just am anti-beating a child. I wonder why we can't seek alternative ways to discipline. But the truth is, we so beaten, we don’t even know how to think creatively...

Guyana: Little progress on eradicating homophobia

  24 November 2006

SASOD, the Guyana-based Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, publishes on their blog a letter sent to the Kaieteur News acknowledging the progress made in other developing countries towards reducing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and protesting the ineffectiveness of the Ethnic Relations Commission.

Guyana: New styles in political talk

  24 November 2006

Stella Ramsaroop introduces some of the latest additions to the repertoire of rhetorical styles in Guyanese politics, including “Ramotarian dialect”, “Persaudian Grandstanding” and “Ramsaroopian Hyperbole”.

Guyana: Melancholy and migration

  22 November 2006

After her brother returns to England, Guyana-Gyal muses on personal melancholy and the more general issue of migration: “I don’t think people here recover yet from the splintering of families, from massive migration. We tear away from old lands to here, from here to new lands, and them tears still...

Caribbean Women's Forum

  14 November 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a Radio Kiskeya news article stating (Fr): “The 2d Caribbean Women's Forum ended the evening of November 10th in Fort-de-France, Martinique with the participation of a Haitian delegation led by Feminine Condition Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue … Delegations from various Caribbean countries (Guadeloupe, Dominica,...

Guyana: Cinema memories

  13 November 2006

Guyana-Gyal and her brother reminisce about going to the cinema in the days “of banned goods and scarce items, Wang Yu, Bruce Lee and vampires used to grab the audience by they eyeballs, hold them for a couple of hours, make them forget the lean times.”