· January, 2006

Stories about Guyana from January, 2006

The Caribbean Single Market

  31 January 2006

It's rare to find Caribbean bloggers across different islands talking about the same issue at the same time, but one would have thought that yesterday's historic signing in Jamaica of the document ratifying the Caribbean Single Market (CSM), might have created a little buzz. That, however, is exactly what it...

Caribbean: The Taíno & Catholicism

  31 January 2006

Indigenous issues blog Voice of the Taino people links to an article entitled “Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion”, noting that the “Roman” Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera...

Guyana: Conversations & CCH Pounder

31 January 2006

MediaCritic has begun posting a series of conversations with anonymous Guyanese figures. So far he's conversed with London-based Guyanese, Prodigal, a journalist who's moved to another island, and Young Bright Guyanese Female. And Guyana Diaspora profiles CCH Pounder, Guyana-born star of television series The Shield.

Guyana: Ratings & charity walk

30 January 2006

Roopster rates some of Guyana's online newspapers and web sites, and draws attention to the Guyana Flood Website, which has been documenting the destructive flooding occuring in several parts of the country. And the Guyana Diaspora blog profiles a Canada-based Guyanese who's walking for charity.

Caribbean: McWatt wins literary prizes

  30 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog announces that Guyanese writer Mark McWatt has taken both the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book in the Canada/Caribbean region, and the prestigious Casa de las Americas prize for Caribbean literature in English or Creole.

We Love Cooking!

  28 January 2006

#1: All Indian food does NOT taste the same! From the UK, We all live downstream explains this popular belief that find its roots in the lack of adventurous spirit of some when executing this natural, vital and recurrent activity. What kind of Indian food do you get when you...

Guyana: Americas II cable breakdown

25 January 2006

Both MediaCritic and Guyana-Gyal are temporarily deprived of internet access due to the breakdown of the Americas II fiber optic submarine communications cable.

Guyana: Diaspora blog

25 January 2006

“It is estimated that there are as many Guyanese living overseas as they are in Guyana,” goes the headline of the Guyana Diaspora blog, which launched on January 23. Among those profiled to date have been a Toronto-based cookbook writer, a US-based women's soccer coach, a US Army Staff Sargeant...

Guyana: Telemarketing & Guyanese blogging

25 January 2006

Monologist speculates on the shape the new Guyanese telemarketing industry is likely to take, given the country's cultural peculiarities. But she resists being thought of as a “Guyanese blogger”.

Latin America: Sixth Annual Weblog Awards

  23 January 2006

Panamanian chef, Melissa De Leon has been selected as a finalist in the best Latin American weblog category of the “2006 Bloggies.” Other finalists in the Latin America category include Bestiaria, Motel de Moka, Ponchorama, and Guyana Gyal. Congratulations to all.

Guyana: Local idioms

23 January 2006

VSO intern Michiyo notes a few Guyanese idioms she finds strange. As usual, she offers a Japanese translation of the post as well.

Guyana: Flood coverage

18 January 2006

MediaCritic commends Stabroek News reporter Christopher Yaw for his coverage of the flooding and the plight of the residents in the Mahaica/Mahaicony area.

Guyana: Visit to Iwokrama

18 January 2006

VSO worker Michiyo reports on a visit to the Iwokrama Field Station in the Rupununi region of Guyana.

Caribbean: A blogger's book awards

  16 January 2006

For the fourth year in a row, Trinidadian Nicholas Laughlin publishes the “Nicholas Laughlin Book Awards” for Caribbean books — “i.e. books written by Caribbean authors, set in the Caribbean, or otherwise of particular Caribbean interest”. As interesting as the selections is Laughlin's analysis of his own reading patterns over...

Caribbean: Caribbeing

  13 January 2006

“In this CSME time. In this time of dancehall self-righteousness versus soca wutlessness. In this time when Trinis don't want to hear about “small islanders” reaching to the Billboard charts with soca music. In this time when Haitians still call out for our help and we still studiously ignore them....

11 key moments in [Anglo-]Caribbean blog history

  13 January 2006

THE INTERNET ARCHIVE IS preserving copies of many early blog pages, but most bloggers are too busy posting to think about otherwise documenting what they're doing. The history of the blogosphere goes back barely a decade, but evolution has been rapid, and bloggers who were around just three or four...

Guyana, Venezuela: Bad Neighbor Policy?

  13 January 2006

CaribPundit is surprised but pleased to note that Guyana's Stabroek News is “able to acknowledge that national security and democracy trumps the pleasure to be derived from a reflexive anti-Bushism”. CaribPundit quotes whole paragraphs from a Stabroek News editorial that is highly critical of the policies of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez...

Caribbean: Plays, pantomimes, identity

  13 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog solicits opinions on a newspaper review of this year's Jamaica pantomime, encourages Caribbean bloggers to engage in a “round of collective soul-searching” and publishes “outtakes” from an article in the current issue of the magazine.