· August, 2006

Stories about Guyana from August, 2006

Guyana: Face of the nation

  31 August 2006

By analysing the facial expressions of Guyana's incumbent president Bharrat Jagdeo, Andy is “100% confident that he is the new president-elect of Guyana“.

Guyana: Ministerial reconstruction

  31 August 2006

Guyana's “ministries [of government] and their portfolios are outmoded, irrelevant and obscure,” says MediaCritic three days after the country's general election, as he reconstructs government and puts forward his own ministerial wish list.

Guyana: Election watch

  29 August 2006

On Monday 28 August, an estimated 300,000 Guyanese turned out to vote in elections for the unicameral National Assembly. Elections in Guyana have historically been fraught with public anxiety and violence. The two leading parties, the People's Progressive Party (PPP/Civic) and the People's National Congress (PNC/Reform) have traditionally drawn their...

Caribbean: Exporting Carnival

  25 August 2006

“. . . it's interesting how these festivals have echoed, in a small way, the evolution of their original model in Trinidad, as a vehicle of solidarity, an assertion of identity, a gesture of defiance in a hostile environment,” says Jeremy Taylor, writing about the Carnivals “exported” by the Caribbean...

Guyana: At the airport

  17 August 2006

MediaCritic describes the experience of arriving at Guyana's international airport, wondering why the place is so empty and desolate: “Is it the election effect? This is after all the height of summer when loads of people usually return to visit family and friends to sip a bit of El Dorado...

Guyana: Eight killed by gunmen

  9 August 2006

Living Guyana posts five short entries (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) linking to and commenting stories about the brutal slaying of eight people, including four journalists, by gunmen in Guyana yesterday evening. The journalists were killed in the newsroom of the Kaieteur News. Guyana has a general election scheduled for...

Guyana: Flawed election list

  8 August 2006

“Something is very dodgy here,” says MediaCritic, having perused the list of electors and found the names of two relatives who left Guyana several years ago (and who, moreover, had never gone through the registration process) but not his own. General elections in Guyana are set for August 28, 2006.