· August, 2008

Stories about Guyana from August, 2008

Guyana: ‘Fineman’ Killed

  29 August 2008

The Guyanese blogosphere is rejoicing over news that security forces have killed country's most feared criminal, Rondell ‘Fineman’ Rawlins, who was wanted for a series of massacres.

Guyana: Reporter Fired?

  26 August 2008

Living Guyana says that a journalist has allegedly been fired for writing a less-than-glowing account of the Carifesta Opening Ceremony, which Signifyin’ Guyana agrees the reporter correctly described as “disappointing”.

Barbados: To Sign or Not To Sign

  26 August 2008

“The buzz issue in the Caribbean media in recent weeks is whether the CARIFORUM members will sign-on to the CARIFORUM/EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)”: Barbados Underground examines a few of the issues.

Bahamas, Guyana: Walcott's Warning

  25 August 2008

At the opening of the Carifesta Symposia in Guyana, Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott warned that regional governments are killing their artists – making Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel even more convinced that her decision to resign her post as Director of Culture for the Bahamas Government is the right one.

Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana: Winning Ways

  22 August 2008

“I feel that a lot of people misinterpreted Bolt's gestures, for innocent or malicious reasons. There may be more than one level of culture clash at work–race and class, being obvious, but also the aspirations and motivation of the modern athlete”: Living in Barbados takes no issue with Usain Bolt's...

Bahamas, Guyana: Host Nation

  21 August 2008

“It’s a very frustrating job, hosting this event…and at the same time dealing with Caribbean governments, all of which appear to operate in a similar inefficient fashion”: Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel files a Carifesta update from Georgetown, Guyana.

Guyana: Carifesta Hopes

  19 August 2008

“As I make my way there very conscious of Guyana's problems, and still very irritated by the lack of information available about Carifesta goings-on, I nevertheless will take every opportunity offered to revel in the arts”: Signifyin’ Guyana thinks the regional festival means more than political grandstanding.

Bahamas, Guyana: Regional Travel

  19 August 2008

After traveling for an astounding 14 hours to get to Guyana for the Carifesta celebrations, Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel says: “The biggest barrier to Caribbean integration is the difficulty of moving around in the region.”

Jamaica: Woman Power!

  18 August 2008

Jamaica has done it again! If there was any doubt after Usain Bolt's 100m Gold Medal that this Caribbean nation is a powerhouse of Track and Field, the female Jamaican sprinters made sure to underscore the point by placing first (Shelly-Ann Fraser) second (Kerron Stewart) and...second (Sherone Simpson) in the final of the Women's 100m in Beijing.

Guyana: Poems of a Fat Black Woman

  18 August 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana posts excerpts from Guyanese poet Grace Nichols’ “sexy little collection”, which “tell of a fat black woman's trials and tribulations, as well as her moments of triumph in a foreign land.”

Caribbean: Lightning Bolt Strikes Beijing

  17 August 2008

This post is going to be as long as Jamaican Usain Bolt's sprint to 100m-dash Olympic glory was short and ever-so sweet - because Caribbean bloggers still have not come down from the high that Bolt's amazing win has created.

Bahamas, Guyana: Carifesta Buzz

  15 August 2008

In the midst of criticisms about the host country not being prepared for Carifesta, Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel says: “Guyana stepped in when we in The Bahamas relinquished our commitment to host, and, despite having had only one year to plan the festival in, took the plunge anyway.” She adds:...

Guyana: Lights Out

  15 August 2008

The runway lights at Guyana's airport malfunction mere days before the regional Carifesta celebrations, causing the cancellation of night flights to the country. Living Guyana comments: “This is a country where things that will go wrong do go wrong. Officials here have to get real and understand that they are...

Guyana: No More Tunes

  12 August 2008

Living Guyana is in full support of the ban on loud music in mini-buses and thinks it should also be extended to private vehicles, while GT…Keep it Real says: “How boring will it be to take public transportation now, some people looked forward to get updates on the latest tunes,...

Guyana: Remembering Burnham

  11 August 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana notes that the motion “to give due recognition to the work and contribution of Guyana’s first Executive President” has received full backing, while Living Guyana says that Burnham “was also a despicable dictator who ran this country into utter ruins. And in these times of crisis and hopelessness...

Guyana: Poor Showing

  11 August 2008

Living Guyana thinks that the small Guyanese Olympic contingent “is an indictment on this government. They have not been putting any real and genuine emphasis on sports in this country. Our athletes are just not up to par…because there is no infrastructure in place…”

Guyana: For the Record

  7 August 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana supports the call for the government to publish a collection of the speeches of the country's first Executive President, Forbes Burnham: “They are a valuable part of Guyana's history and should be treated as such.”