· May, 2011

Stories about Hungary from May, 2011

Hungary: Corruption On the Rise

  27 May 2011

Hungarian Spectrum writes about corruption in Hungary: “A few days ago Ernst & Young made public its latest survey on corruption in Europe and came up with the startling result that Hungary is the most corrupt country within the European Union. It can be compared only to Russia.”

Hungary: Changing the memory of Holocaust

  24 May 2011

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum reports on how the government of Hungary has sacked the director of the country's Holocaust Memorial Center and replaced him with one more compatible with the views of the current regime.

Technology for Transparency: Final Report

  22 May 2011

The Technology for Transparency Network is proud to announce the release of its final report, "Global mapping of technology for transparency and accountability". The report is being published by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (@TAInitiative) along with a over a dozen other reports on the global transparency movement.

Hungary: Facebook Blocked Popular Far-Right Website

  21 May 2011

Hungarian news sites report that Facebook has blocked the most popular far-right website Kuruc.info. According to kuruc.info [hu], no referring links can be sent through Facebook's system, the Like button has disappeared, and Facebook is also blocking mentions of “Kuruc.info.” Kuruc.info wrote that the block was worse than similar measures...

Slovakia: Second-Class Customers

  11 May 2011

Even though customers might expect products from the same brand to be of the same quality worldwide, regional differences in quality and price do exist, depending on whether the products were manufactured for Western European markets or for those in Central and Eastern Europe. Tibor Blazko reports on the reactions of Slovak netizens to a recent study on the issue.

Global Blogging Competition on Water Issues

  10 May 2011

The European Journalism Centre has launched a three month international blogging competition focusing on water issues called TH!NK5. Bloggers from 40 different countries joined the contest, aiming to win the final prize: a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Here are some of the most popular and original posts written by some of the winners.