· June, 2007

Stories about Hungary from June, 2007

Hungary: “Gloomy Sunday” in Budapest

  22 June 2007

Pestcentric writes about a Budapest restaurant where “arguably the most famous Hungarian song was written: ‘Gloomy Sunday.’ Rezső Seress wrote the original lyrics here back in the 1930s.” What's known to the world, though, is “a watered-down translation of an already softened reinterpretation.”

Romania: Economic Relations With Neighbors

  22 June 2007

Romerican writes about the prospects of Romania's economic relations with its neighbors: “Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Ukraine all represent logical markets for exporting Romanian-made products and Romanian-performed services sold under Romanian brands of Romanian-owned companies. There’s a ready audience right across the border just ripe for the taking. Do it.”

Eastern & Central Europe: U.S. States’ GDPs

  21 June 2007

U.S. states have been renamed for countries with similar GDPs and the new map has been posted at Strange Maps: Russia is New Jersey, Ukraine is Idaho, Belarus is Alaska, Poland is Missouri, Czech Republic is Nebraska, Hungary is New Mexico, Romania is Delaware, Croatia is South Dakota.

Hungary: Famous Magyars

  6 June 2007

Pestcentric writes about famous Hungarians – which the newly-elected French president Nicolas Sarkozy is not: “The French can have him. And if he turns out to be a disaster, […] let’s be glad he doesn’t consider himself a Magyar.”

Hungary: “Panel Houses”

  6 June 2007

Pestcentric writes on the ubiquitous Soviet “panel houses” that “greet” you when you arrive in Budapest “before you get to the nice stuff.”

Hungary: A Wi-Fi Village

  1 June 2007

Free wi-fi covers an obscure village in Hungary, making it possible for the residents – most of whom are Roma – “to finish their studies, obtain a profession, and then, to find a job.” More at TOL's Romantic.

Hungary: Budapest Travel Tips

  1 June 2007

Budapest travel tips, from Viktor Dimitrov at The nEUrosis: “Last but not least, don’t ask questions about the big football rivalry between Ferencvaros and Ujpest.”

Hungary: Maternity Leaves

  1 June 2007

Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar writes about the Hungarian labor market and the seemingly “family friendly” policy of allowing mothers to have long maternity leaves.