· April, 2008

Stories about Hungary from April, 2008

Hungary: End of Coalition

  28 April 2008

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the SZDSZ's vote in favor of leaving the coalition: “With this decision something entirely new came into being in Hungary: a minority government. And since it is new, most Hungarians don't quite know what to do with it.”

Hungary: “Economic Ignorance”?

  17 April 2008

Hungarian Spectrum writes about “economic and financial ignorance in Hungary”: “Another thing that people don't seem to understand is that it is indeed proper and perhaps even more just to tax property rather than to rely so heavily on income tax.”

Hungary: Separation of Church and State

  10 April 2008

Hungarian Spectrum writes about separation of church and state in Hungary: “[…] Most people are uncomfortable with the theocratic states of the Muslim world. Why should we try to imitate them in a very secular Europe?”

Hungary: More on the Crisis; SZDSZ

  3 April 2008

Hungarian Spectrum offers more analysis of the current political crisis and writes about SZDSZ, the Alliance of Free Democrats – the Hungarian Liberal Party, “a deeply divided party.”

Hungary: Political Crisis and Economy

  1 April 2008

Hungary Economy Watch writes about the current political crisis in Hungary: “What is very clear, however, is that the economic backdrop to all this is simply not going to go away, whatever decisions are eventually taken on the political front. […] And since it is the economic backdrop which is...

Hungary: Coalition Crisis

  1 April 2008

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum reports on the coalition crisis brewing in the Hungarian government after prime minister announced his decision to dismiss the health minister.