· June, 2008

Stories about Hungary from June, 2008

GV Summit- Day Two Completed!

  30 June 2008

While Day One of the Global Voices Summit focused on Advocacy, today focused more upon Global Voices proper, with information presented on the other GV projects of Rising Voices and Lingua. The day began with an introduction by Georgia Poppelwell (GV Managing Director) and Solana Larsen (GV Managing Editor), in...

GV Summit: Day One a Success!

  28 June 2008

The first day of the Global Voices 2008 Summit in Budapest, Hungary was a wild success, as far as we can see (obviously we can't know all of the implications this early in the game). The morning started with an introduction from Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon, founders of Global...

Shhh… The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008 Has Begun

  27 June 2008

If it's quiet on Global Voices the next couple of days, it's because we've transported around 80 of our editors, authors, and translators to Budapest, Hungary for a Summit about online freedom of expression, citizen media, and the role of Global Voices in the next year. You can follow all...

Hungary: Castle of Szigetvár

  7 June 2008

Pestiside.hu writes about the plans of the Islamic Cultural Association of Hungary to acquire the rights to operate the Castle of Szigetvár (“occupied by the Turks after a one-month siege in 1566″), renovate it and establish a Turkish cultural and educational center there.

Hungary: Trianon Treaty

  6 June 2008

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the impact of the 1920 Trianon peace treaty between Hungary and the Allied and Associated Powers – here and here.

Hungary: Passion for Food and Wine

  4 June 2008

Hungary is a country with a very rich culinary tradition. It prides itself in its cuisine, and this is reflected in the many Hungarian blogs devoted to food or those that mention local dishes and wines at any given opportunity. Here's a little selection that we've found with just a quick browsing.