· November, 2006

Stories about Hungary from November, 2006

Hungary: ID Cards

  30 November 2006

As Britain is thinking of introducing an ID card system, Paul of Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar cites an example of Hungary and discusses whether IDs have made the country and its citizens safer.

Croatia: Schengen and Eurail

  28 November 2006

“Slovenia, Italy and Hungary are working to maintain the current border regime that allows Croatian citizens to cross into their countries with only an ID card,” Neretva River reports. And – “From January 1st 2007 passes covering rail travel in Croatia, Ireland, Italy and Portugal will be available, as well...

Hungary: “Trumpetting The Positive”

  13 November 2006

“Facilities for the disabled in Budapest leave a lot to be desired. So it's good to see some private businesses starting to take the initiative… Just don't forget to bring those three trumpets,” writes Paul of Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar and posts a photo – click on it...

Hungary: Paprika in Szentes

  10 November 2006

“Some like it hot” – Photo by Kris of Little Town in Hungary, a blog featuring daily photos “from Szentes, a small town located on the southern Great Plain of Hungary.” Kris writes about this photo: I saw this scene yesterday. Does the owner of this flat like paprika so...

Hungary: 1956

  8 November 2006

Pestcentric disagrees with a fellow blogger on the meaning of the 1956 revolution: “The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was primarily against Soviet domination and not just an internal conflict between Hungarian communists that spiraled onto the streets, where it became the failed fight for freedom you all have read/seen/heard so...

Serbia: “Countries Rush to Include Kosovo in Their Constitutions”

  6 November 2006

South East Europe Online posts a hilarious, Onion-style piece on Kosovo: “After Serbia included Kosovo in its constitution, other countries from the region have declared their intentions to do the same. They point out that they are doing this in line with their good neighborly relations policies. The governments of...