· August, 2009

Stories about Hungary from August, 2009

Hungary: St. Stephen

  30 August 2009

Hungarian Spectrum writes: “Because there are so many references to St. Stephen nowadays in Hungary I thought I ought to write a post on what ‘Hungary’ looked liked in his days.”

Hungary: 20 Years Since the Pan-European Picnic

  20 August 2009

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the 20th anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic, which was “held on a field in the middle of nowhere on the Austro-Hungarian border on August 19, 1989″: “A memorial park now commemorates the event that allowed about 600 East Germans to cross into Austria and to freedom...

Hungary: Rudapithecus Hungaricus

  18 August 2009

Hungarian Spectrum leaves politics behind and turns to paleontology, writing about a fossil hominoid found in Rudabánya in Northern Hungary and known as Rudapithecus hungaricus.

Hungary: Bloggers Mourn Tamás Cseh

  9 August 2009

It's very hard to explain the role of singer Tamás Cseh, who died in Hungary this week, in the life of the young generations willing to understand their parents' socialist past. Nobody could describe what socialism looked like, or what the real socialist gym shorts looked like. Nobody but Tamás Cseh.

Hungary, Ukraine: Illegal Stem Cell Therapy

  7 August 2009

Last week, four people were arrested in Hungary on suspicion of giving illegal stem cell treatments, some of which were carried out in hotel rooms and private homes around the country. Marietta Le reports on bloggers' reactions to the case.

Slovakia, Hungary: New Slovak Language Law

  5 August 2009

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the new Slovak language law and reviews Hungarian reactions: “Is this a new effort to fuel nationalism despite, or perhaps because of, membership in the EU?”