· August, 2008

Stories about Hungary from August, 2008

Hungary: Coverage of Gay Pride and Right-Wing Opposition at Hungarian Spectrum

  3 August 2008

One year after she launched Hungarian Spectrum, blogger Eva S. Balogh explained that her primary motivation had been dissatisfaction "with political information available in English about Hungary." Many of the posts on Hungarian Spectrum are devoted to the politics of Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union, the country's largest opposition party, and its supporters. Below is a roundup of some of the recent entries.

Hungary: Public TV

  2 August 2008

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the Hungarian Public Television – “Magyar Televízió = MTV”: “Most people I know tell me that they hardly ever watch MTV with the possible exception of the late evening political program, Az Este, and on Sundays A Szólás Szabadsága, especially if there are interesting guests.”

Romania: The Hungarian Minority

  2 August 2008

Hungarian Spectrum writes about “the Hungarians of Transylvania” – who seem to be “much more conservative and much more nationalistic than those in Hungary proper.”

Serbia: CNN Mistakes Budapest for Belgrade

  1 August 2008

Balkan File writes that “CNN has mixed in footage of riots that took place in Budapest, Hungary, with that of the riots in Belgrade”: “Some comments on the web seem to hint that perhaps CNN were deliberately trying to make the protests seem more violent than they actually were –...