· September, 2011

Stories about Hungary from September, 2011

Hungary: Photojournalists Banned From Parliament

  21 September 2011

The Contrarian Hungarian reports that photojournalists working for two Hungarian online news portals have been banned from entering the Parliament building following the publication of photos of PM Orbán's handwritten notes on the speech he was delivering on the country's defense plan.

Hungary: “The Constitution's Table”

  13 September 2011

The Contrarian Hungarian writes about a new regulation that requires “every municipal council in Hungary [to] set up a table to display the country’s newly enacted constitution”: “The table must be covered by glass, and the constitution on the table must be opened on page 28 […]. Next to the...

9/11 Retrospective: The Birth of a Generation

  8 September 2011

Ten years have passed since the coordinated 9/11 attacks on the USA by al-Qaeda, an event that changed the world in many ways. All this is discussed through short videos by young people from around the world who came of age in the post 9/11 era.