· May, 2010

Stories about Hungary from May, 2010

Hungary: Reluctant government handover

  18 May 2010

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum reflects upon the reluctance of opposing sides in Hungarian politics to deal with each other in the handover of power after the recent parliamentary elections.

Hungary: The Story of an Investigative Journalist

  13 May 2010

Investigative journalist Tamás Bodoky resigned from index.hu because of a debate on whether it was appropriate to delete a paragraph from one of his stories after it had already been published. The Hungarian media are still discussing the issue which he covered, and this case has also inspired a public conversation about investigative journalism in the country.

CEE: Facebook Use Stats

RuNet Echo  12 May 2010

Worldwide Facebook statistics – at Facebakers.com: in Central & Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has most users – 2,634,300 people, the country's overall ranking is #29, penetration is 25.8%. It is followed by Poland (#31), which has 2,604,440 users, with 6.77% penetration. Serbia (#41) is CEE's #3: 1,997,540 users, penetration...

Hungary, Greece: Shadow Economies

  10 May 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes that, according to some estimates, “the Greek black economy represents 20-30% of the country's gross domestic product. Estimates for Hungary are very similar.”

Transparency Projects in Central and Eastern Europe

  1 May 2010

There are a number of innovative projects in Central and Eastern Europe that use technology to promote transparency and hold leaders accountable, but a lack of political will has resisted implementing the reforms they seek. More cooperation through offline events could help.