· July, 2005

Stories about Hungary from July, 2005

Hungary: Budapest Bloggers’ Tag Cloud

28 July 2005

Central Budapest has created a tag cloud for Budapest bloggers (a tag cloud is a list of tags or keywords where the size of the tag indicates how popular it is; we've got one up at the top of this page).

Hungary: Cabinet Text Mad

27 July 2005

Central Budapest reports that the Hungarian parliament has turned to SMS again, this time to gauge public opinion on the subject of drunk drivers.

Hungary: Choose your 3rd child's sex by SMS

18 July 2005

Central Budapest finds the cabinet's decision to poll the public via SMS on whether or not Hungarians should be allowed to choose their child's gender to be a bit disturbing.

The tide is high, higher….

13 July 2005

Central Budapest notes that heavy summer rains means that the Danube is expected to flood, and Budapest is preparing for the high water.

Eastern Europe, Russian, NIS & Central Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

Blog de Connard reports that the Ukrainian parliament has, after some arm-twisting, passed legislation designed to ease Ukraine's entry into the WTO. Three malls in Budapest were evacuated after copycat bomb threats were called in, reports Pesticide. The Daily Czech notes that Mikulas Dzurinda, the Slovak Prime Minister barely survived...