· July, 2009

Stories about Hungary from July, 2009

Hungary: The Hungarian Guard Banned

  23 July 2009

A paramilitary association called the Hungarian Guard was banned at the beginning of July after more than a year of investigation by Budapest Court. Guard members and supporters held spontaneous and officially organized rallies in Budapest to save the organization.

Nabucco: Running out of gas

  14 July 2009

Der Spiegelfechter comments on [GER] the agreement to build gas pipeline Nabucco and wonders where the gas will be coming from, whereas Der Unbequeme questions [GER] the need of yet another pipeline. LJ user xystos argues [RUS] why Nabucco is a mere mirage, and LJ user tertiaroma sees [RUS] the...

Nabucco: Chorus of the energy slaves

Gabriela Ionita of Power&PoliticsWeblog discusses the recent agreement in Ankara on the construction of the western financed Nabucco gas pipeline and competition with Russia over Caucasian and Central Asian gas supplies and deliveries to Europe.

Hungary: Elections of extremity

  10 July 2009

Hungarian Spectrum compares the 2009 European Parliamentary elections with the 1939 national elections, finding similarities in their strong support for the extreme right in the country.

Hungary: Failure of the Socialist Third Way

  7 July 2009

Hungarian Spectrum tries to explain why the Hungarian socialist party has failed in its centrist “Third way” policy, inspired by the US Clinton administration and Britain's Tony Blair.