· August, 2010

Stories about Hungary from August, 2010

Hungary: St. Stephen

  26 August 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the history of the cult of St. Stephen, the first king of the Hungarians, who was canonized on Aug. 20, 1083.

France: Discrimination Against Roma People, Labeled as “Thieves”

  22 August 2010

While the expulsions of Roma people are in full throttle with the silent approbation of the majority of the public opinion, some doubts start to creep in about the fairness of the measures. Some bloggers express their outrage at the measures that target the most vulnerable and the libel of an entire community as "thieves".

Hungary: Xenophobia, Homophobia, Crime

  12 August 2010

Hungarian Spectrum posts an update on the investigation into a series attacks on and murders of Gypsies that took place over a year ago, and writes about several recent murders and the discussion of homosexuality-related issues that they have generated online.

Hungary: Budapest's Subway

  12 August 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes about Budapest's subway and the politics of its long-term construction: “The Budapest metro is very old, yet still unfinished.”

Hungary: The New President

  12 August 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the inauguration of Hungary's new president, Pal Schmitt; about Albert Wass, a Transylvanian-Hungarian author whose work Schmitt quoted in his inaugural speech; and about Schmitt's first few days in office: “Since his inauguration the not too sympathetic Hungarian public has been watching Schmitt's every move.”