· February, 2010

Stories about Hungary from February, 2010

Hungary: Students Have Had Enough of Bomb Alerts

  27 February 2010

There have been three bomb alerts in the three weeks of the second semester at Corvinus University of Budapest. After the third one this week, students started to campaign against the unknown person blocking the university's life with calls reporting a bomb was placed somewhere on campus.

Hungary: Opposition Leader on Facebook

  4 February 2010

Hungarian Spectrum reports that Victor Orbán, leader of the opposition party Fidesz, now has a Facebook page – and nearly 8,000 fans: “By the way, I'll bet that as soon as Orbán wins the elections this whole flirtation with the Internet will come to an abrupt end.”

Hungary: Re-Educating the Roma Population

  3 February 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes that “the Roma (Gypsy) situation is the gravest social problem today in Hungary” and in “the whole region,” points out to similar problems in the United States in the 1960s, and describes a successful re-education project for some 60 Roma families living in the town of Monor.