· February, 2008

Stories about Hungary from February, 2008

Kosovo, Serbia: A Roundup

  26 February 2008

Update on Kosovo/Serbia: Belgrade 2.0 sums things up; East Ethnia discusses the possibility of partition; Csíkszereda Musings writes on the meaning of Kosovo for Romania's Székelyföld autonomy; Greater Surbiton re-posts his article on what's “at stake in the struggle for Serbia”; Steady State writes on the implications of Kosovo for...

Hungary: “2ManyBloggas” Party

  13 February 2008

Briefly, Pestiside is feeling “old”: “…The discovery of a party this coming Saturday partly dedicated to the foreign-language bits of the local blogosphere that completely ignores us, the old daddy of the business, would be more than enough to let us know our time is long over.”