· March, 2009

Stories about Hungary from March, 2009

Hungary: Avoiding an Early Election?

  28 March 2009

Hungary Economy Watch writes that “Gyurcsány plans to use the constructive vote of no-confidence to install another Socialist-led cabinet, and his government […] appears to have resorted to this unusual maneuver for one simple reason: to avoid an early election.”

Hungary: PM's Resignation

  23 March 2009

Coverage of the unexpected resignation of the Hungarian PM at Hungarian Spectrum – here and here; Central Europe Activ; A Fistful of Euros; Pestiside.hu; and Eternal Remont.

Hungary: Subtitling vs Dubbing

  14 March 2009

Csíkszereda Musings is campaigning against Hungarian TV dubbing – and in favor of subtitling: “My problem is that saying that you are the world’s best dubbers is akin to saying that X is the world’s best instant coffee. It may be true, and you may even be proud of it,...

Global recession and its discontents

  13 March 2009

Today the world seems flat. From Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas, the people of the world are experiencing the traumatic effects of a global economic recession. This post is an attempt to describe the social impact of the great financial crisis as seen and felt by ordinary citizens around the world.